Tribute to Bo

By Lori Paige, August 2019

About 10 years ago, my family and I stopped by our local Humane Society in Appleton, Wisc., to donate some food and toys. We lost our beloved dog recently and we were going to take a “dog break.” Famous last words, right? The kids wanted to take a quick look at the dogs that were there, so we were going down the line and there he was, a skinny chocolate lab with such sad eyes. The kids spotted him and I looked at my husband and I said, “Oh no, here we go.” As we looked through the window, he tilted his head sideways and he “spoke” to all of us. So we ended up adopting Bo that day.

Remember when I said he had sad eyes? Well, they weren't sad for long! We live on 75 acres of woods, farm fields and river frontage that he can play on and run on every single day. We're self-employed so he was with us every day and was never tied up once. We have a Ranger, which is a utility vehicle that we use to get around on our property, and the first time he saw it, he jumped right in on the front seat. That's him on one of his first Ranger rides.

We do believe, as many of our friends and family did, that he was the happiest dog we've ever seen. One of them even said that Bo hit the "doggy lottery" because of all the freedom he had during the day. He slept with our kids every night so we think he had the best of both worlds.

I'd rather not dwell on the fact that he died, the vet thought it was just old age. We buried him in his favorite bed on our property and put our “Labrador Crossing” sign as his marker. Our only solace is that we gave him the best possible life he could have. We'll miss you, buddy, always and forever.