Tribute on A Sticky Note

Maxwelton arrives at the Pearly Gates.
By Dana Sullivan, July 2009, Updated February 2015

Yesterday, as he finally let us cuddle and pet him to our heart’s content, Maxwelton Madison Legman slipped off to his final nap, snoring along the way. For 14 years, Max has been my muse and my inspiration, my companion and my pizza buddy. He’s protected our family from all manner of trick-or-treaters, mail carriers, squirrels, cats and doorbells. He introduced us to neighbors and their lawns and inspired us to explore the wonderful hikes and paths in our area. He kept us friends with those same lovely neighbors who had house keys to let Max out and tell him to “get busy” in case we were running late getting home. He introduced us to many carpet cleaning companies and ever-stronger vacuums. Goodbye Max. We already miss your bark. We love you and hope there are doorbells in heaven.

Sticky notes art by Dana Sullivan.

Dana Sullivan is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Newcastle, Wash., trying to break into the children's book industry. He's been drawing cartoon Post-its for his wife, Vicki, for years. They reflect whatever is going on in their lives.