Tribute to Titan: Where Did you Go?

By Sarah Broderick, February 2019

I have ashes and a paw print in plaster.
I have your collar and your favorite toys
I have countless photos. Family pictures of you.
Playing, swimming, RVing, traveling, hiking.
I have millions of memories. None of them bad till the end.
Your big round eyes used to follow me between your naps.
Hiking on trails, you’d stop at every intersection.
You made sure I wouldn’t take a wrong turn.
Where did you go? Are you in the air are or you in another kind of world?
In a safe place. In a good place.
Are you still watching over me?
Your beautiful face, your sweetness reminds me every day of my loss.
It is snowing today. How you would love playing in the snow. Catching exploding snow balls.
I can’t touch you anymore, or take care of you or you me,
Where did you go?
You were always always with me. A service dog extraordinaire.
You gave me a life I could live with.
Where did you go?
I am left alone with my broken heart.
I am left alone.
Would it have helped if I knew where you went?