Tribute to Zac

By Laurie Goldman, May 2017

This morning with a heavy heart but enlightened soul I helped my beloved Zac pass on.  He has been with me for 15.5 years.  He was a scrawny, one ear flopped, anti-cruelty society find.  I originally adopted him to keep Calvin company.  He was a perfect companion, keeping up with him physically and accompanying him in escapades (such as the find of freshly delivered baguettes left at the door of the restaurant Feast).  He blended into the background and was content.

People asked years after I adopted him 'when did you get him' as if he was newly adopted.  He was happy just to be present and let Calvin take the spotlight.  Except for two neighborhood beagles he liked every being.  The ambassador, as I sometimes called him, was a spirit of peace but would not backdown if needed.  

His nose was multifunctional.  He dug out a dead frozen bird from a huge snow pile on the patio and promptly delivered it to the couch.  Eeeeeewwwwww!  He also seemed to investigate and touch everything with his nose.  He often turned the stereo on and bumped the kitchen garbage can.  Maybe he had a bit of OCD. I'm not sure why he did that but I'm sure there was a reason.

In addition to his beautiful soul he was beautiful physically.  He looked like a dog's dog.  Stand up ears, a gorgeous black coat and a full feathered tail!  People asked what kind of dog was he?   A standard American Black dog I replied.  Most people responded by saying they had never heard of that breed. 


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Truth be told, he was one of a kind.  I'm sure some dogs will resemble him physically but not be him.  Zac could blend in, make you forget he was there, and then when you needed something he would be there in the way you needed.  I hope you all don't think I am giving him too much credit but this has been my experience of him.

This morning before our trip to see Dr Kathi, we sat together watching the rain.