Tru & Jammer: Cover Dogs

We’re pleased to introduce this month’s cover dogs, Liz Dodge’s boys, Tru and Jammer, of Coos Bay, Ore. Jammer, a five-year-old Aussie mix, competes in agility at the masters level, and young Tru is prepping for his first agility meet. Both dogs—as well as their packmates Mick and Jig—were rescued, as Dodge says, “not necessarily from bad situations, but from unwanted situations.”

Dodge first saw a snarling and barking Jammer at her local shelter, but it didn’t take her long to discover his true sweetness. And six months ago, Tru was a disheveled nine-month-old 24 hours from death row when Border Creek Rescue of Corvallis, Ore., pulled him from the shelter. His luck improved even more when Dodge (who had seen him on added him to her pack. In her inimitable fashion, photographer Amanda Jones captured Jammer’s perma-grin and Tru’s Border Collie essence to perfection. (In fact, the well-trained, camera-ready Dodge dogs inspired Jones to take more than 500 photos!) 


News Coverage
KCBY 11 - Video - Two local dogs land on national magazine cover.

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 51: Nov/Dec 2008

 Photographs by Amanda Jones