#VanLife With Dogs

By Noël Russell, September 2020, Updated November 2020
living in van with dogs

Hello I’m Noël,

I’m a first generation American, born and raised in California. Growing up in a multi-generational family, I was encouraged to embody a deep-seated value for diverse expressions of what it means to be “outdoorsy”—and ever since I could walk, I’ve spent all my free time romping in the mountains. To this day, you’ll often find me somewhere in the Sierra Nevada, on the trail or driving along the backroads with my partner and our two rescue mutts (Fin and Lhotse) in tow. I live part-time in my self-designed converted campervan, named Francis Ford Campola, and call the Bay Area my basecamp. Read more about vanlife with dogs.

The difference between a dog lover and
    a dog owner
Is like the difference between bacon
And bacon-flavored

Photograph & text by Noël Russell.