VOYCE: At the intersection of tech and love …

By The Bark Editors, March 2015, Updated June 2021

Ah, modern life. Every day, we wade through a sea of information. To be confident in our decisions, we need information points that make sense. Not just an unruly mass of statistics but rather, data that’s been sorted, analyzed and presented in a way that allows us to wisely apply it to our individual situations. Data that stirs us to take action. Smart data.

The cliché, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” handily summarizes another fact of life. When it comes to our dogs, identifying health issues can be a challenge. Though they’re pretty great at non-verbal communication, they’re not so good at telling us where it hurts, or even if it hurts.

So, imagine how fascinated we were to learn about Voyce, a new product that acts as a kind of translator and guide to our dogs’ interior world.

The sleek, simple, waterproof band remotely monitors a dog’s key vital signs and wellness indicators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its potential is transformative.


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Voyce uses noninvasive sensors to record its wearer’s resting heart and respiration rates, activity levels, sleep patterns and calories burned. It collects these markers in a dog’s normal environment (at home rather than in a vet’s exam room) in real time, and wirelessly syncs them to the Voyce cloud platform, where they’re sorted and reported in charts that can be viewed in a variety of ways. Then, whenever we want and wherever we are, we can review the results via computer, tablet or smartphone. This is truly smart data.

These metrics aren’t just collected and charted—they’re also explained. If we see a worrisome trend, we can cue up a vet visit, which, ideally, will prevent an issue from becoming a full-on problem.

We can make that visit even more effective by sharing the trending information with our vet, either at the time of the check up or beforehand via the cloud. Or, if a problem arises, we can use our dog’s record to help identify its time of origin and track its resolution.

“Voyce is a service, not just a health band. What we’re doing is taking information from that health band, comparing it against what is a baseline … and providing notifications to the dog owner on when there are changes,” says Jeff Noce, president of i4C Innovations, Inc., the maker of Voyce.

As part of that service, Voyce goes beyond measurement offering other proactive ways to help our dogs live better healthier lives. On our individual member page, we can add notes about our dog’s medical history, including keeping all their medical and vaccination records in one place … get expert advice from canine health, behavior and training authorities … be notified about pet food recalls, schedule medication and activity reminders … and set goals that help us to be better pet parents. (Example: Spend More Play Time! Remember to give heartworm and flea meds tomorrow!)

Voyce’s trend charts, symptom checkers and articles from experts—a roster that includes canine cognition whiz Alexandra Horowitz, PhD; DVMs Andy Roark, Jessica Vogelsang and Justine Lee; and Applied Animal Behaviorist Karen Overall, DVM, PhD—are powerful tools that we can use to help maintain and improve our dogs’ health and longevity.

Considering how much joy and comfort our dogs give us, we think that anything that increases the number and quality of their years helps make us better pet parents to the furry buddies we love.


Photo courtesy of Voyce