Vue™ Caught In the Act! And the winner is…

By The Bark, June 2010

 Grand Prize Winner

“It wasn't me mom, it was that cat behind me...really!”

Who could be mad at this face? Definitely not us! In fact, sweet little Jamie (short for Jamison) of East Haven, Conn. had us so enamored that we barely noticed the garbage strewn from hither to yon.

Congratulations to Jamie and her human, Robyn Lisone! You are now the proud owners of a Vue™ Personal Video Network. Robyn, we recommend that you set up one of the cameras next to the garbage bin. We are sure that you'll soon find that it has been the cat all along.




Enzo Feeling Blue Reader’s Choice Winner

“Feeling Blue After Stealing & Eating A Ballpoint Pen”

Enzo, the oh so blue retriever of Concord, Mass., was such a hit with our Facebook fans that we decided to award him with a Reader’s Choice Award. Congratulations to Enzo and his person, Vicki Lynch—We hope you enjoy the Bark Goodie Bag!

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