Web Exclusives: Sept/Oct 2009

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By The Bark Editors, August 2009, Updated June 2021

Welcome to our web exclusives. This is where you’ll find new and topical articles, instructions, links for taking action, multi-media bonuses and expanded versions of material in the print magazine. Enjoy!
Exclusives and Extras

  • Dog-o-Lanterns How to sculpt a special Halloween pumpkin By Terri Hardin
  • Guinness the Smiling Dog Letter to the editor By Ann McLean
  • Goose Buster Who you gonna call when geese overrun your golf course? By Susan Sarver
  • Walk It Off Grab a leash and get moving! By Dawn A. Marcus, MD
  • Rescue, Doubled How the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation saves lives By Lisa Wade McCormick
  • Sew It Up It’s the perfect time to really dress up the pup. Download instructions on how to make your own flower costume.
  • Guardians of Being MUTTS’ Patrick McDonnell on his new book, Guardians of Being
  • Pedigree Dogs Exposed - BBC [Video]
  • Waggers - Find out where Spanish entertainer Charo got her "cuchi, cuchi" tagline. [Podcast]



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