Well Dog

fleas in house
Vet Recommended: Tips on the best ways to prevent fleas and ticks on dogs
do dogs get angry?
Despite lots of reasons to do so, dogs rarely display true anger.
pineapples are safe for dogs
Pineapples are safe for dogs if served properly and given in moderation.
Treating Join Pain in Dogs At Home
Identifying and managing chronic joint pain in dogs
oil for dog skin
Healthy oils you have at home can make a difference
How to Socialize Your Puppy
A new book provides excellent guidance and advice
Playing Tug With Dogs Is a Good Thing
Basics of the tug game and how to troubleshoot common problems
keep dog out of garden
Our dogs and our gardens need to be protected from one another.
choose language used for dogs
6 ways the language we use to discuss our dogs matters
do dogs understand our speech
Researchers look at what goes on when we talk to our dogs.
bad breath in dogs
A dog’s bad breath may not be a sign of dental disease.
driving adopted dog home
People do this in many ways, and some are safer than others.
dog scooting
The 411 on your dog’s anal glands and how to stop that dog scooting.