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spay/neuter policies
After years of warnings about too many dogs come worries about too few.
Do small dogs pee more often? Yes, little dogs pee more often on walks.
New study looks at what we contribute to our dogs’ recreational romping.
Seresto Product
Despite thousands of reported adverse incidents—including almost 1,700 pet deaths—the EPA has stayed silent.
Healthy Food Works: Putting Homemade To The Test
training a “stubborn” dog
Don’t blame the dog—instead, figure out how to help her succeed.
cbd for dogs
To find out, we asked Robert J. Silver, DVM, MS, CVA, author of “Medical Marijuana and Your Pet: The Definitive Guide.”
cbd oil for dogs
Using broad-spectrum CBD to bridge the gap between full spectrum and isolates.
Canine Cancer - Cancer in Dogs
The word cancer can set alarm bells ringing so loudly that it’s hard to think past the noise. Turn down the volume by brushing up on the basics.
canine distemper
Learn the signs and symptoms of distemper in dogs and how it spreads.
Gingivitis in dogs
Pet owners need to be aware that the oral health of their dogs is important.
parvo in dogs
Learn the signs and symptoms of parvo in dogs and when to seek help.