Well Dog

Positive dog-training methods—they’re not just for dogs anymore!
carhartt dog coat
When the weather outside is frightful, a coat can be delightful—here’s how to get your dog to wear one.
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Tips for helping your dog go poop this cold weather season.
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Some of the reasons your dog may be throwing up and when to call the vet.
For fab holiday pictures, focus on your dog’s natural behaviors.
thanksgiving with pets
With proper precautions and preparation, pets can safely be included in the celebration.
dog ate raw dough
Risks for dogs eating raw dough include obstruction and alcohol poisoning.
common dog training problems
Common dog training errors and how to correct them.
gastrointestinal foreign bodies in dogs
A vet’s-eye-view of an all-too-common problem.
homemade dog kibble
Learn how to make dry dog food–in just an hour!