William Wegman
Exclusive: Photos from behind the scenes with the artist & the dogs who inspire him.
  • Wegman’s dogs explore the Maine woods.
  • Christine Burgin bikes country roads.
  • Daughter Lola, Bill and dogs take a hike.
  • Bobbin surveys the lodge’s rustic interior.
  • Flo in the wilds.
  • At work in the Maine studio while Candy sleeps.
  • William Wegman out for a row with his dogs.
  • A panel for a sequel to Flo & Wendell.
  • The artist with Topper and Flo.
  • Wegman and Burgin’s eclectic style on display with Topper.
  • William Wegman out for a row with his dogs.
  • Topper and Candy enjoy an afternoon snooze

With a new series of children’s books just launched and a full slate of projects ahead, the renowned artist seeks sanctuary—and finds a creative wellspring—in the wilds of Maine.

“I spent my whole life watching and caring for them and trying to figure out what works for them. The reason why I’m good at taking their picture is I’m good at taking care of them, and I respect what they want. I’m always trying to learn what makes them individually happy.”

—William Wegman

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This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 76: Winter 2013

Kimberly Wang is an editorial and travel photographer based in New York City. After 20 years of traveling the world as a director/ producer for network television, she’s still seeking the planet’s most fascinating stories, Digital SLR in hand.


Photographs and story by Kimberly M. Wang