Wisdom Panel™ – The Bark Cover Dog Contest



We’re celebrating mixed-breed dogs and looking for that special one to grace the cover of The Bark’s Winter 2018 issue. We’re seeking a special pooch with mixed lineage and unique qualities – fun-loving and spirited.

To enter, upload:

  • A recent photo of your dog (i.e., no puppy photos for an adult dog).
  • [optional] A short (50-word maximum) description of your dog: back story, breed mix, how he/she came into your life.

The winning dog will appear on the cover of our Winter 2018 issue and will be briefly profiled inside the magazine. Deadline for entries is now extended through September 15, 2018. See official rules.

One entry per dog.

This is NOT a photo or writing contest. The winner will be photographed for the cover by a leading dog photographer. Judges will use the photo you submit to help select the winner.


Winner will be announced soon.