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why foster dogs
Every dog needs a forever home, fostering helps dogs to find one.
dog dna test reviews
Dog DNA tests are like 23andMe for your furry family member. Only one stands out from the pack!
better smelling dog food
Study analyzes aromas to find out the perfect pup mix—a fatty smoky meat odor.
dog gps trackers for small dogs
Smart dog collars can now clue you into your dog’s health.
fleas in house
Vet Recommended: Tips on the best ways to prevent fleas and ticks on dogs
dog attends French class
Adorable dog attends French class every day encouraging students.
home dog wash
Make bath day easier with a dog washing station right at home.
do dogs get angry?
Despite lots of reasons to do so, dogs rarely display true anger.
exercising with dogs boosts success
Committing to diet and exercise with your dog keeps you both happier and healthier
pet fire safety day
A reminder to stay diligent on National Pet Fire Safety Month.
reading assistance dog
Study suggests surprising reason why reading dogs help children learn.