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Study analyzes aromas to find out the perfect pup mix—a fatty smoky meat odor.
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Smart dog collars can now clue you into your dog’s health.
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Counteracting bad puppy-socialization advice.
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Boykin Spaniels lend a nose to box turtle conservation.
The doomed ship's survivors included three canines
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Are dogs born knowing how to interpret our gestures? Research explores links between genetics and dogs’ ability to learn.
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The importance of allowing dogs the freedom to decide, even in small ways.
Curbside Veterinary Service
Some veterinarians discover pros to the pandemic protocol
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A pandemic means more dogs on trails and more waste left behind.
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Why you should train your dog to respond to you from afar.
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Access to care: 'Veterinary medicine's social justice issue'
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During dark winter and rainy days, pep up your pup with these tips for dog agility at home.