Apr/May 2011: Issue 64

n this April issue, we look at “journeys.” We report on the race for a cure for pet overpopulation: an alternative to traditional surgical procedures. Then our attention is on the Galapagos Islands and why their unique ecology is under great stress! We discover organizations that are helping by relocating dogs, sponsoring clinics and working to raise public awareness.

From there we move to Africa, where a lovely, Ugandan dog staves off loneliness for a medical volunteer and helps her with community outreach. In this “Chloe Chronicles,” Lee finally finds her new canine soulmate, who arrives, sight unseen. The opening story pays homage to a singular thinker, Gene Sharp, who has helped oppressed people throughout the world plan their journey to freedom. Our endpiece is an evocative story of a dog's adventure to the wild side. And, we survey the dog-infused art of one of the world’s most famous “journeyers,” Paul Gauguin.

Delivered as either a print issue (standard mail) or digital issue.