DogJoy + Custom Cover with Subscription
Custom Cover ExampleCustom Cover ExampleCustom Cover ExampleCustom Cover ExampleDogjoy Book: interior pageDogjoy Book: interior pageDogjoy Book: interior page
List price: $45.95

DogJoy + Custom Cover + Sub

All Dogs Can Be Cover Dogs!

We’ll put YOUR dog on the front of DogJoy, Bark’s new smiling dog book. Make the book into an instant family classic.

Follow the easy steps to upload your dog’s photo. Note that depending on orientation and size of your photo, its placement may appear differently. Bark’s expert design team will be making the cover for you.

Step 1: Add your dog's name.
Step 2: Select your photo & upload.
Step 3: Add to cart
Step 4: Review Your Cart & Checkout.

That's it! Bark will take your photo and do the rest. Once it is complete, we'll send you the book! Read the custom cover FAQs.

Note: This product includes DogJoy Book, Custom Book Jacket plus a 1-Year Subscription to The Bark. You can expect your custom cover to ship within two weeks of the date your order is placed.

• Cell phone photos are not recommended.
• We recommend a photo that is at least 500 by 500 pixels.
• The image file size should be a minimum of 100KB.
• The image file size can be a maximum of 4MB. If your image is larger than 4MB see our FAQs.

Upload original / large files. Files need to be bigger than 500px X 500px!
Ex: Dexter