Jan/Feb 2012: Issue 68

Jan/Feb 2012: Issue 68
We start off this year with a wide-ranging assortment of informative and inspiring articles. Behaviorist Karen London, starts a new column, “Good Dog: Behavior Matters.” In this issue, she explains what the canine teen years are all about, and assures us that, as with young humans, it does get better! We also welcome aboard a new columnist, behavior researcher Julie Hecht. For her first topic, she examines the ins and outs of doggie daycare and how you can find the right one for your dog—and if, in fact, your dog is a good candidate. This installment of Lee Harrington’s “Chloe Chronicles” tackles cures for the wintertime blues (as you might guess, dogs play a central role in her prescriptions). For those of you who like trail running—and have dogs who really like to pull—you might try dryland mushing.


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